Continuing Medical Education For HCPs

Staying updated with the latest advancements in rare disease care is crucial for healthcare professionals. Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) resources offer in-depth insights into the evolving landscape of rare disease care. Explore a range of educational materials designed to empower medical professionals with the knowledge needed to offer the best possible care to rare disease patients. Stay informed about the latest treatment approaches, specialized care strategies, and innovative rare disease solutions.

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Educational Video for Genetic Testing

Develop and evaluate the acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary efficacy of an informational video on paired tumor/normal testing for children and adolescents with a new diagnosis of cancer, ...

Condition: Genetic Disease

Responses to Genetic Risk Modifier Testing Among Women With BRCA1/2 Mutations

The purpose of this study is to describe how women with BRCA1/2 mutations react to genetic risk modifier testing, and to examine how they make decisions about their healthcare. ...

Condition: Genetic Testing

Overcoming Barriers to Accessing Genetic Medicine

To learn about patient barriers to accessing genetic medicine, we will analyze anonymous posts from a membership-based online community [],
and investigate how these barriers differ fo ...

Condition: Genetic Disease

Classification of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-associated gene variants according to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics guidelines

Introduction: The correct labeling of a genetic variant as pathogenic is important as breeding decisions based on incorrect DNA tests can lead to the unwarranted exclusion of animals, potentially comp

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Careers in Individualized Medicine: Genetic Scientist

Margo Cousin, Ph.D., is a genetic scientist who loves to solve puzzles, that is! To learn more about the Mayo ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Clinical genetics and cytogenetics

Michael Hall, MD, MS of the Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, discusses the use of clinical genetics and cytogenetics ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Genetic sequencing crucial for diagnosing growth disorders, study finds

geneticsequencing #growthdisorders #genetictesting Genetic sequencing crucial for diagnosing growth disorders, study finds In ...